Receive top-of-the-line preventative maintenance and ag equipment repair from John's Repair Inc. We service all types of equipment including, Manure Pumping equipment, pay loaders, excavators, combines and tractors. Brands of equipment we serve range among the following:


Ekotuning is software tuning or customized engine management, programmed into your vehicle ECU (engine control unit), resulting in increased power and torque while reducing total over-all fuel consumption, making the vehilce more pleasant to operate under heavy loads or tough field conditions.

Hydraulic Hose Repair – The hydraulic hose we carry on hand is from ¾ down to 1/4” with pipe and JIC fittings. We also offer hose wrap to go around the hose. We have the new John Deere O-ring Boss fittings on hand as well. A whole line of battery cables 2OT and 1OT battery cable. Very fine good quality cable. Just stop in and we can fix battery cables on site. Have the capability to bring the stuff with us.

Air Conditioning we can do this on site or at the shop. Complete system rebuilds to charge and refills and a complete leak check on every system and go over it with the customer. Try to explain and give them options of what to do.

DOT Truck inspections: we offer them for SD since we are not currently licensed for Minnesota yet. We are working on that. We do full truck and trailer inspection. We give them a sticker and the original copy, and we keep a copy on hand for a year. We are working on a system to notify them a month before they are due.

Tractor and Combine inspections: Its a great option to have your equipment inspected to help identify any issues prior to them prior to them becoming a problem. We supply a copy for your records, and we keep a copy on hand for a year. We are working on a system to notify them a month before they are due.

Welding – we have a service truck with a welder, a 275 amp welder capable of doing wire feed and stick welding and we also have a torch on the truck for anything else that needs to be done.

We also offer same service of welding at the shop.

Engine overhauls – 1 year warranty parts and labor. And 2 years on parts. We bare block the motors and everything gets steam cleaned and we start over. Injection pumps, turbo everything. Completely done when it leaves here

Transmission overhauls – we can do complete transmission rebuilds on power shift, quad range, do a lot of 40 50 60 series tractors, John Deere, quite a bit of internationals all the way up.  

We offer a full line of Cab interiors, Seats, cab glass, LED lights, belts, batteries and a full line of parts we can have next day to install or you can still install.

On site repairs, our service truck has a 3000 lb. crane, air compressor, welder, and fully loaded with tools. We have a variety of common parts stocked. Try to make it in one trip

Metal lathe, we try to do our own stuff here, turn a shaft down to rebuild.